Karen Best

Karen Best praktiziert das BodyTalk System seit 2003 und ist zugleich Ausbilderin aller BodyTalk Module. Als Senior Ausbilderin bietet sie außerdem zusätzilch das Seminar "Sessions Intensive" an, welches ein sogenannter Sitzungstag ist, bei dem die ersten 10 angemeldeten Teilnehmer eine Sitzung vor der Gruppe erhalten. Dieses Seminar bietet allen BodyTalk Anwendern die wunderbare Möglichkeit, von der Arbeit einer fortgeschrittenen Anwenderin zu lernen.

Karen lebt mit ihrem Mann Andy Spencer und ihren Kindern in London und hat dort auch eine Praxis für BodyTalk.

Dies schreibt sie selbst über sich:

After years of experiencing many healthcare challenges from the age of 8 years old onwards that were not able to be resolved using western medicine, I had more questions than answers.   This led me to look outside of the medical model to find answers to my healthcare challenges and ultimately working with an incredible system called BodyTalk of which I am now an Advanced Instructor and Practitioner. 

At the age of 25 after working for the same company for 7 years I found myself unfulfilled in a demanding position with many health challenges and decided it was time for a sabbatical along with some serious consideration with my career choice. I travelled to New Zealand for inspiration and whilst there enrolled in and completed the foundation course in Touch for Health Kinesiology as I had benefited from treatments in the UK.   It was during this time that I stumbled across The BodyTalk System™. My first experience of a BodyTalk Session was in April 2003 the results were so profound, the session dramatically changed my health and outlook, which is something that had not yet been achieved with any other modality. I instantly knew this is what I had been searching for. 

As a result of that one session I resigned from my employment in the UK and extended my stay in New Zealand to study the system. I became a certified practitioner in New Zealand in 2003 and have been working with The BodyTalk System™ full time ever since. I absolutely love working with BodyTalk. I feel privileged to have found this system so early in my life.  I have facilitated over 30,000 sessions and I continue to find every session with clients fascinating and I am still amazed by the results and feedback from clients.

Senior BodyTalk Instructor, Advanced BodyTalk Instructor, PaRama Practitioner Levels 1 & 2

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